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Vintage Clothing for Sale

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1860-1870 Lady’s Bloomers These bloomers are a great example of this period underpinnings.  There is some repair at the waist buttons and a hole in the back.  The 2 inch wide handmade eyelet trim around the legs is gorgeous. The bloomers were stitched by machine. There is some staining.  But for well over 100 years old they are in great shape!  Measurements: 28” waist, 20” long legs. $30.00

Late 1800’s to early 1900’s White Cotton Bustle Style Petticoat


This white cotton bustle style petticoat is in very good condition with light staining.  There are on gathers in the front but many in the back.  There is wear along the bottom edge of the hem.  There is ½” fabric trim at the top of the ruffle that is stitched on top of the skirt.  Measurements:  36” waist, 41” long from waist to hem, 126” hem, deep ruffle 14”.


Vintage Chemise

This vintage v-front  off the shoulders chemise is a great example of a mid to late 1800’s style gown.  It has a lovely eyelet inset at the neck and trim around the sleeves.  It is hand and machine sewn.  Measurements: 44 inches from neck to hem, 82 inches around the hem, 16 inches across the shoulders.  It has staining down the front and a few small repairs.   It is still a wonderful gown to be well over 100 years old. 


Identified Cotton Chemise mid-1800’s

This chemise has a handwritten name in the neck and beneath one of the arms to identify this as belonging to L.M. Page.  The writing is very clear and in the style of the mid-1800’s. There are stains along the front placket in a scattered manner and some repairs.  There are large period repairs on the shoulder and near the hem. These repairs take away very little from this exquisite example of Civil War period underpinnings.  The eyelet lace along the neck/shoulders, cuffs and the front placket is some of the nicest I have ever seen.  There is one button at the top of the placket.   Measurements: 40 inches long from the neck to the hem, 32 inches from sleeve to sleeve, 72 inches around hem, 14 inch sleeve hem diameter, placket 15 inches long.  The construction is hand and machine stitching. 


Monogrammed Man’s mid-1800’s Nightshirt/Day Shirt

This is a beautiful example of a man’s night shirt that would also be worn as a shirt during the day or evening.  It is obviously a special shirt for it has a “B” monogrammed in a fancy embroidery stitch.  The entire shirt has fancy hand stitched embroidery down the front placket, on the collar and on the cuffs.   The shirt is hand and machine stitched.  The front placket has 4 pearl buttons.  The back and the underarms are lined with a 2nd layer of cotton fabric.  This is an outstanding shirt!  Measurements: sleeve 22 ½” long, cuff 12” diameter, neck to hem 42”, tab/placket 15” long, hem 28” front and back, neck circumference 15 ½”.  The front of this shirt has a very long repair from a tear, but it doesn’t take away from this wonderful piece of textile history!


White Cotton 1900’s Gown

This simple little gown is really a nice piece.  All of the stitching is done by hand and the stitching that encases the ribbon drawstring at the top is embroidery stitching as is the stitching on the hem.  It is in very good condition.  Measurements:  50” hem circumference, 45” long, ribbon straps 12” each. $20.00

Late 1800’s to early 1900’s White Cotton Bustle Style Petticoat with Tucked Ruffle

This white cotton bustle style petticoat with a 3 deep tucks on the ruffle. It is in very good condition.  There are 3 large tucks on the outside ruffle that is stitched on top of the main skirt.  Measurements:  42” long, 29 ½” waist, 123” hem. It is machine stitched.


Late 1800’s to early 1900’s White Cotton Bustle Style Petticoat with Tiny Tucked Ruffle


This white cotton bustle style petticoat is in very good condition.  The ruffle that is stitched onto the main body of the skirt has tiny stitched tucks. There is also a 3” ruffle on the hem of the underskirt.  The 6 tucks are machine stitched as is the petticoat.  Measurements:  25” waist, 44” long, 112” hem. 


Long Cotton Bloomers mid-1800’s

These bloomers are a wonderful example of full length bloomers worn by ladies in the mid-1800’s.  There are 4 white porcelain buttons down the front.  The entire item is hand stitched. There are 2 small stains near the buttons, but otherwise the condition is excellent.  There are ties at each ankle. Measurements:  41 ½ “ long, 31” waist, 56” hip area, waist to crotch 17”.   I have been collecting antique/vintage clothing for many years and I have never before seen a pair like these that are full length.


Antique 1800’s Child’s Drawers

These drawers are a great example of undergarments worn by girls in the 1800’s. The style didn’t change a great deal for many years. There are 3 buttonholes at the waist front and back and eyelet trim at the bottom of each leg.  They are machine stitched. The condition is good with some staining. Measurements:  12” across the top of waist front and back,  side opening 5”, 7 ½” crotch to waist. 







Children Clothing

Edwardian Boy’s Shorts

These little shorts would go with a shirt that attaches with buttons.  There are buttonholes in the front and back waist bands.  There are belt loops at the back waist and 2 front pockets.  The shorts are 10 ½ inches long with a 22 inch waist.  The condition is good.  There is a slight yellowish cast in one area.


Edwardian Style Boy’s Shorts

These little shorts have no pockets.  There are 4 buttonholes on the front and back waists.  The condition is good.  Measurements:  22” waist, 10 ½ inches long.



Women Clothing

1920’s Gauze Mourning Dress

This is a 1920’s (ca.) black gauze dress.  Probably a mourning dress.  The designs on the dress are small “football” type shapes in an off-white.  Would be worn over a black slip.  The condition is excellent. Size – Large.  Measurements:  47 inches from back of neck to hem, 42 inch waist, 18 inches across the back shoulders from sleeve seam to sleeve seam. 


White Gauze Blouse with elaborate tatting trim 1920’s

This elegant white gauze blouse is a real treasure.  It is in excellent condition except for a small round repair on the collar near the neck and a repair at the lower back.  The tatting is extraordinary.  There is tatting around the cuffs, collar and down the front as well as medallions on the collar.  There are 6 – 1 inch medallions and 1 – 2 ½ inch medallion inset on the collar.  The waist band has been hemmed so that the top would work well as an over blouse over a simple white camisole.  Measurements: 21 inches arm length – cuff to shoulder, 17 inches across the shoulders, 29 inch waist.


Elaborate Voile Edwardian Tea Dress Very good condition.  One small yellow spot on the front (see photo) and a yellow stain the size of a quarter at the lower side by the hem.  Measurements: 42 inches from neck to hem, 36 inches at the dropped waist that would be around the hips.  $80.00

Black Silk & Lace Victoria Jacket/Waist

This a wrap type waist or jacket made of black satin type silk.  The lace is done in a cordonette style.  The designs are made of cording and then hand stitched.  (I am not a lace collector, but a lace collector would be in heaven with this item!)  The lace appliqués cover the jacket on the front, the back, and all along the lower flared skirt.  It is exquisite! There is a tear in the seam of one of the sleeves.  Otherwise it is in very good condition.  Measurements: 28” neck to bottom hem, 16” across shoulders, 40” at the wrap waist, 24” long sleeves, 12” circumference of cuff, lace appliqué on front of bodice 8”X12”, lace appliqués along the skirt of the jacket 12”X9 ½” each.  Lining is in good condition.  What a wonderful coat for anyone’s collection of turn of the century clothing.




Black Mourning Print Late 1800’s Young Girl’s Dress

Dress has elaborate lace inserts in the sleeves, down the front and at the dropped waist. There is pleating around the hem.  Tiny tucks on the bodice and around the hem. It has a scooped neck, front and back, with lace around the edge. Two hook closures at the back of the neck.  A fabulous dress!!! This black cotton mourning print is a wonderful example of the dress of young girl’s during the last quarter of the 1800’s.  This machine stitched dress is in excellent condition.  It has metal hook and eye closures at the waist.  There are no buttons or closures of any kind for the bodice.  Measurements:  neck to hem 44”, sleeves 22” long, cuff diameter 10”, collar circumference 13 ½ “, bodice 11” long, 24” waist.


Vintage Fur Coat


This is an incredible turn of the century fur coat (early 1900’s).   The fur is possibly seal.  It is a coarse short hair fur -- very smooth and velvet-y to the touch.  There are 34 ornate “tails” that hang from the hem of the coat.  There is only 1 tail that isn’t attached.  There are 10 metal hooks down the front of the coat.  The coat has a flared skirt at the hips and then tapers to a V in the front.  The front closures of silk roping are attached to large square decorative fur covered buttons.  The lining is of a brown quilted silk with 1 small inside pocket.  The size would be considered an extra small.  Measurements:  sleeves - 23” long, 26 ½ “ around the cuff, 21” back collar to hem, 13” shoulder to shoulder, and a 15” circumference neck.  This coat would be a show piece for any collection of vintage/antique clothing!


Identified 1860’s Style Black Silk Bodice

This black silk bodice has a tag with it saying that it was “Great Grandmother Mac Murphy’s”.  There is wonderful rouching at the top of each sleeve. It has a brown cotton lining. It is in good condition.  There are a few holes on the front of the bodice.  Measurements: 26” waist, neck to hem 23”, sleeves 18” long, 17” across the shoulders, ribbon trim around the skirt 1 ½ wide, armhole 11” diameter.




Battenburg Lace Collar – 1920’s

This is a battenburg collar inset.  It is 18 inches long X 11 inches wide.  The lace is is in very good condition.  The color is slightly yellowed.


Early 1900’s Lace Trimmed Collar

This collar is made of 2 triangles (13” X 5”) which has lovely lace inserts 2 inches square on each side.  It is also trimmed in lace.  The condition is very good.




Antique Turkey Red Quilt Block

This ca 1850’s block is 10 ½” X 10 ½”.  The Turkey Red squares and the muslin squares are 2 ½ “ X 2 ½”.  The Turkey Red fabric has some loose due to the early dye process used to stamp on the pattern.  Great example of Turkey Red for textile historians. 


Antique Mauve Cotton Print Quilt Block

This block is a great example of the unstable color of mauve (purple) seen in the mid-1850’s.  The color appears to be almost a brown but with a purple tint.  This might have been an example of early synthetic dyes or a natural dye that was also unstable during that period.  Great example to textile historians.



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